Who is Eligible

  1. Enlisted Personnel in the pay grades of E-1 through E-9 who are members of the Iowa Army or Air National Guard
  2. Active Component members assigned to the Iowa Army or Air National Guard
  3. Enlisted Personnel who are retired or honorably discharged from the Iowa Army or Air National Guard. Auxiliary and Associate memberships are also available. Membership to EANGI includes membership to EANGUS, our national organization


Annual, three-year and lifetime memberships are available. Below is the breakdown.

  • E-4 and below $20/yr
  • E-5 thru E9: $30/yr
  • Associate: $24/yr
  • Auxilary: $10/yr
  • Lifetime: $250/yr
Emergency Relief Fund for All
National Guard Soldiers and Airmen
Educational Grants for Children
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