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EANGI works with our National Organization, the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS), along with the Military Coalition to promote our legislative agenda. EANGUS speaks with your US Representatives in the House and Senate on a daily basis. Our agenda focuses on you - members of the Army and Air National Guard. However, we can't do it all alone. We need you to contact your respective Congressmen and Senators to voice your opinions and concerns on issues that affect your National Guard careers and benefits. This legislative section of our website offers you an insight into topics that we are currently pursuing, and it alerts you to actions you can take to help us while we help you in these efforts.


Upfront Priorities:


State - Military Pension Tax Exemption (SF 303)  Part of the Home Base Iowa Initiative.  This priority is making its way swiftly through the Iowa Legislature.  With everyone’s support, passing of this initiative will result in no state taxation against military pensions.


Federal - Conduct of an Army Structure Study (HR 3930)  With the mounting reductions across the Department of Defense, the Army National Guard needs to be prepared to defend itself against unnecessary cuts.  The overwhelming majority of Governors and  Adujtant Generals have opposed drastic cuts to the Army National Guard.  Currently, 140 Representatives have Co-Sponsored the upcoming House Resolution.  Encourage your State Delegate to sign on to keep the Iowa National Guard strong.


Other Priorities:


State - Eliminate T32 vs. T10 Tax Inequity (HF 2372), IDT Pay Income Tax Exemption, Increase Homeowners Grant Funding (SF 2242/HF2317), Fully Fund NGEAP, Licensing and Credentialing Boards Review and Evaluate Military Experience (HF 2319), Private Sector Veterans Preference (HF 2319), Provide Additional Homestead Credit to Disabled Veterans (HF 2234), Academic Credit for Military Training and Experience (HF 2224), Budget Increase for Gold Star Museum


Federal - Honor America's Guare-Reserve Retirees Act (S 629), Space A Travel for Drill Status Guardsmen Enforcement (NDAA 2013), NGREA Funding, Enforcement of Air Force Commission Recommendations, Protecting Dual-Status Military Technicians from Furlough Under Future Sequesters.






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