On August 30, 1973 (at the 2nd EANGUS Conference) forty-four ladies representing sixteen states met in Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa, to discuss the possiblity of forming a National Auxiliary to EANGUS. Following much discussion, it was voted to form a National Auxiliary. Temporary officers were elected. The following year was spent working on a constitution and by-laws.

The organization meeting of the EANGUS Auxiliary met October 1, 1974 in the Gull Room of the Biloxi-Sheraton Motel in Biloxi, Mississippi. The acting temporary president (Mary McKamey of Louisiana) conducted the business sessions. The Constitution and By-laws chairman presented the constitution and by-laws which were accepted. Officers were elected for 1974-1976. Area Directors were elected by their respective areas. Doris Williams of Mississippi was elected the first president.

  • At the fourth Annual Conference in Colorado (1977), the membership voted to start a scholarship fund with the proceeds from a raffle. The Scholarship Committee set the requirements that an applicant must be the son, daughter or spouse of an EANGUS Auxiliary member and must have a letter of endorsement from their state Auxiliary president.
  • On March 3, 1978, the Executive Board of EANGUS Auxiliary approved an emblem for the Auxiliary. It shows the Minuteman and Colonial Lady standing side by side with the name of the organization encircling them.
  • At the fifth Annual Conference in Hawaii (1978), five scholarships were presented.
  • At the sixth Annual Conference in Arizona (1979), the state of Mississippi presented the Auxiliary with an American Flag and Iowa presented the Auxiliary with an Auxiliary Flag handmade by Marilyn Freking.
  • At the eighth Annual Conference in South Dakota (1981), the motto, "SIDE BY SIDE WE STAND WITH PRIDE" was approved, having been submitted by Jo Delia of Missouri.

The following have served as president since that time:

  • June O'Doud (LA)
  • Lois Goodson (OH)
  • Sara Hendricks (IA)
  • Delores Ford (MS)
  • Nancy McDowell (OH)
  • Mary Galberth (OR)
  • Jane Rohloff (WI)
  • Brooks Marr (MS)
  • Dorothy Inglese (CA)
  • Debra Campbell (OK)
  • Sheila Bandy (KY)
  • Vivian Taylor (MS) currently serves as Auxiliary President

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