The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Iowa (EANGI) exists to promote the status, welfare and professionalism of the enlisted members of the National Guard of Iowa and the United States and promotes security of Iowa and the Nation. EANGI is the only organization that specifically represents the men and women of the Iowa Army and Air National Guard on matters important to their service.


Membership Challenge

I would like to Challenge the Association to work as a whole and increase our membership by 6%. This would mean we need to have 1000 Members and I believe we can meet our goal by our next State conference. This equates to each district to meet a percentage of 1000 relative to the amount of perspective members in their corresponding district. District 1 Goal is 230, District 2 and 3 your Goal is 210 and District 4 Goal is 350 .This does not change the current Challenge set at the conference just an enhancement on top of the 25 new members per district.  The only way we can make this happen is to work together to strengthen our team.  Have you recruited a new member today?

               Dean Kennebeck

               EANGI President


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